duminică, 29 ianuarie 2012

Si simteam cum cuvintele se infingeau in mine ca niste cioburi de sticla, ravasindu-mi durerea de mult uitata. Esti acolo mai tot timpu, amintirele sunt un sir lung de povesti parca fara sfarsit, imi amintesc desi as vrea sa uit. Ma doare desi as vrea sa fie doar o memorie.
Se spune ca i-ti ia un minut pentru a-ti da seama ca o persoana este speciala, 1 ora pentru a o judeca, 1 zi pentru a o iubi sau adora, dar o viata intreaga pentru a o uita.

joi, 19 ianuarie 2012

Well, that's it

Sometimes, you're best friend stab's you in the back, then issues regarding trust are coming up....Am i save, or screwed ? Sometimes I just feel that i need 2 pack my bags & live this world behind. Life is always a struggle, and we have 2 accept the difficulties as "just the way things are". My whole life searching for the right words, and they fail me. Some say, That I try to hard in my youth. Some day,These words will be the proof.

.Also it bug's me that my inspiration come's & go.